About GAPTEC Electronic

GAPTEC Electronic was founded 2010. With more than 25 years of experience in the global power supply market GAPTEC Electronic is focusing especially on market demands and is serving its needs. Therefore GAPTEC Electronic has specialized in voltage transformers (AC-DC, DC-DC and LED drivers), supplying a selected range of converters and modules with typical isolation and industrial voltages as well as currently common terminal pin assignments.

ISO 9001:2015 certification, long standing cooperation’s with certified manufacturing facilities in China and Taiwan and our own development team for custom, exclusive products and a selected product portfolio guarantees highest quality standards (UL 60950, EN 50155, UL 60601) and maximum flexibility that offers shortest lead-times at low cost. Even when a second source is needed.

GAPTEC Electronic will continue to extend its product range tailored to the industrial electronics industry, while keeping an eye out for new and innovative power-saving products.

GAPTEC Electronic guarantees the supply of all fully designed products well beyond the standard product cycle times. When re-ordering products, customers can - rest assured - that they will obtain a product that is 100% compatible and meets the same quality standard as the previously supplied unit. Any changes to the product design will be announced at least six months in advance.

GAPTEC Electronic – Transforming AC&DC Power Supplies