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We have specialized in voltage transformers, supplying a selected range of transformers with typical insulation and industrial voltages as well as currently common terminal pin assignments. We provide reassurance with reliable, tried-and-trusted technology at reasonable prices below the known market average through a streamlined sales network.

Discover a new dimension in transformer technology

We have risen to the challenge, focusing on products with low energy consumption to suit these times of constantly increasing power requirement; we have rounded off our constantly growing product range with products satisfying certified quality standards even in the manufacturing process, quality standards that include ISO 14001 along with product-specific certifications.

Vision & Mission
Our vision – your quality requirement

Taking responsibility for reliable products is integral to our corporate philosophy. We place great importance on application and compliance with current quality and certification standards – even in selecting manufacturing locations.
Responsibility is a value that we practice every day – trust along the whole production chain from manufacturing location to customer application as shown by the high demands on quality that our products are made to satisfy.
We aim to supply innovative products at reasonable prices while using our team's many years of experience in power supply technology towards maintaining long-term partnerships with our customers, partnerships that are far more important to us than short-term profit.
This is our mission:
"We offer reliable power supply units developed for demanding applications. All products are subject to ISO 9001 certified manufacturing and have passed all operational tests. We provide a reliable and consistent product portfolio, including a service package tailored to our customers' specific requirements."

Our team

We are a streamlined, structured team of specialists sharing ten years of intimate knowledge on the power supply market – we have an answer to any question. Call us or drop us an e-mail using our contact form – we will provide you with professional consultation and a solution to meet your requirements.

Future perspectives

We will continue to extend our product range tailored to industrial electronics, while keeping an eye out for new and innovative power-saving products. One of our key aspects when selecting products to be offered is on voltage transformers for use in renewable energy systems. In the future, we aim at offering you a well diversified portfolio of selected AC/DC converters, DC/CD converters as step-down & step-up models as well as those controlling light-emitting diodes.


Our duty towards humanity and the environment.
As an electronic component supplier for industry, our activities combine environmental awareness with business sense. We supply products and services towards maintaining long-term customer relations as mutual partnerships.

Communications, transparency and development

Your requirements are all that count, which is why we have placed our focus on power consumption in the products we supply.

Business sense and humane dealings

Our philosophy includes minimizing costs and resource consumption in our activities. Humanity, decision-making capability, and environmental awareness are values that manifest themselves in our everyday dealings.
We show appreciation for all of our employees; we motivate, promote and constantly train our staff. You as our customer will profit from the entrepreneurial spirit of a company that has earned your trust, a company that gives you that feeling of reassurance. Your satisfaction is our greatest asset.

On-time delivery and availability

We guarantee the supply of all fully designed products well beyond the standard product cycle times. When re-ordering products, you can thus rest assured that you will obtain a product that is 100% compatible and meets the same quality standard as the previously supplied unit. Any changes to the product design are announced at least six months in advance.